A Week of Photos 2/28

Wintery Ranch Photo Story

WOW – severe weather here lately – lots of accumulation of snow and sub-zero temperatures!

The view from our house.


Magpies playing in the yard.


Snow piled up on the deck railing.


Cute little cottontail burrowed in the snow.


Following Steve around; […]

-25 Degrees, No Wind: The Beauty In The Cold!

Reflecting On Ranch Life

My job is to drive the tractor, pulling the hay feeder to several different bunches of cattle every morning. The replacement heifers are my first stop. They come out of the brush thicket covered with frost but happy to get their daily ration of hay.

In subzero weather […]

Morning Coffee

Reflecting On Ranch Life

On most winter mornings, we head out to the porch to welcome the dawn. We snuggle under quilts on the back-porch bed, drink our coffee, eat a carefully selected chocolate and watch what unfolds in front of us. This January, the pre-dawn sky treated us to several showers of falling stars […]

Food For Thought

Today I thought I should tell you a story about one of our grains, Kamut. Hold on to your pants ‘cause this might be too crazy for you too handle.

Once upon a time there was a US airman who went into an ancient tomb and gathered a handful of precious grain from a […]

The Scattered Crew

Summer is finally here in a sense, that it is what you call this season, but looking outside most days you would never know. We all are enjoying the little bit of sun we have been granted these past weeks and all have things to do. We all are packing and things have become […]